Repair of apartments in Kaliningrad


Enter the size of your apartment, house or office and we will calculate the cost of repair for free!


The company «Evroremont» is pleased to provide residents of Kaliningrad and the region with high-quality services for repairing apartments for a reasonable price.

All employees of our company have a specialized education and work experience of at least 5 years. The specialists of our company constantly improve their skills and professional skills. All works are made under the official contract.

Working with us you can be sure that everything will be done strictly at the appointed time!

Repair of apartments and cottages in Kaliningrad is the main specialization of our company! Specialists of high qualification do everything to make repairs in our clients’ apartment as comfortable as possible.

The company «Evroremont» performs any repair of apartments in Kaliningrad and the region, private houses and offices, ranging from small finishing and finishing with complete redevelopment. We offer solutions for any budget, whether it’s economy class or luxury renovation. You can order from us cosmetic repairs, major or exclusive repairs in Kaliningrad.

For all works performed, we give a guarantee for consistently high quality of work. We will help to solve any problems: visually or really expand the space in the apartment, make the room lighter, remove the «dead» zones, offer decorative and functional solutions


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Any, even the most inexpensive repair of apartments should be carried out on conscience. The company «Evroremont» — is engaged in repair of apartments in Kaliningrad for more than 10 years, we guarantee the perfect quality of the work performed. Our work is in full cooperation with the wishes, requirements and financial capabilities of the customer. Our company works under an official contract for the repair of an apartment, which is made after the approval of the estimate, repair without prepayment! Here is a small part of the work done by our company.

The main direction of our company is high-quality work on finishing apartments, produced by professionals who have all the necessary knowledge, many years of experience and trained according to world standards.
All repair of an apartment of any complexity is performed using the best materials, consumables and equipment and on modern equipment, and the technological processes fully comply with strict quality standards.


Repair of apartments in Kaliningrad we do all kinds of finishing works



Experts of the company «Evroremont» perform all kinds of finishing works. We provide discounts, with a comprehensive repair of the apartment, both in the new building and in the old fund.


Basic types of finishing works:

• Design consultation of a professional designer
• We will help you to take an apartment in a new building
• Alignment of puttying of walls and ceilings
• Screeding, flooding of floors on beacons
• Linoleum flooring; laminate; parquet
• Stucco walls on lighthouses (ideally flat walls)
• Manufacturing of partitions from plasterboard and blocks
• Sound insulation of ceilings and walls
• Wall finishing with plasterboard
• High-complexity work of high complexity
• Curved plasterboard ceilings
• Wallpaper gluing and wall decoration
• Installation of rack, suspended, tension ceilings
• Laying of tile and porcelain tiles
• Installation of interior doors
• Electric installation work
• Plumbing work
• Installation of a warm floor system
• Dismantling work
• Cleaning after repairing an apartment
• Removal and removal of construction debris


Complex repair of apartments in Kaliningrad

Repair and finishing works are always carried out in a complex, which would avoid doing the same work twice and even more so for paying for it. There is no sense in plastering the walls, if the electrical work is not performed. If you need a really high-quality apartment repair in Kaliningrad, take advantage of the offer of the company «Evroremont»

6 Stages of work on apartment repair

1. For repair, you need to leave the application in any convenient way for you by contacting the manager of the organization and leaving your coordinates.
2. A personal manager, designer and foreman will discuss with you the details of the upcoming construction and finishing works.
3. Based on the developed concept, a high-quality designer will prepare several projects. Also, the company’s specialists are ready to professionally edit your finished project.
4. Then the estimate is compiled, after which the procedure for executing the contract is launched.
5. We perform repairs within the agreed period.
6. At the final stage you accept work!

Our company guarantees that you will be crazy about repairs, and the work will be performed qualitatively, and all the points specified in the contract are executed on time.

For each client of the organization we will create an exclusive, unique, maximally functional and ergonomic design of housing that will make the interior of your house stylish and unique!

We work not only in Kaliningrad but also in the Kaliningrad region.

Our work for us is a pleasure!

Repair of apartments in Kaliningrad turnkey prices

We consider prices for materials and work for free!

Approximate prices for repair of apartments are shown in the section Price List for more accurate calculation, we recommend using the free form of sending a request.

Start repairing an apartment with a room measurement — this is a way to accurately assess the cost and timing of repairs. And it must be done in any case.

The measurement is free, takes 30-40 minutes at any convenient time from 10 am to 20 pm and does not oblige you to anything.

Repair cost «turnkey»

The first thing the 9 of 10 customers ask the master is, of course, the price for the work: how much we charge for the square putty, and how much for the leveling of the floor and so on.

We assure you that the independent compilation of estimates is wasted time spent. Without accurate measurement and experience in finishing, the calculation error will be at the cosmic level, and the process itself will not bring much pleasure.

The right step will be the invitation to the gauger. The meter will quickly remove the measurement from the premises, estimate the scale of the tragedy and the next day send the exact estimate to the e-mail.

If you count yourself very much want, you can get acquainted with our price list.

Turnkey repair times

This is the next most popular question. According to legend, the whole apartment can be renovated in 5 days. In fact, turnkey repair takes at least 2 weeks.

Repair part of the apartment can really be laid in a short time, especially if you work only with rooms. But the whole apartment can not be done so quickly.

Everything depends on the technology of working with some materials. You can not glue the wallpaper on the newly puttied wall, you can not walk on the fresh screed, and so on.

Solves the problem again zamerschik — a person with experience quite accurately determines the time of work. The error will be, but the best way is not yet invented.

Where and how to order materials

If you have a design project from an architectural studio, then the problem is solved by 90% — it is only necessary to order materials according to the articles specified in the documentation.

If you decided not to spend money on studio services, then the material is purchased according to our estimates. If you need help with shopping, then the master will help in this. For a moderate fee.


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