Thank you company Euroremont

Today I took an apartment and signed the Act of Completed Works, the summary of the past repairs is: the management team provided support at all stages of the work, starting from the initial measurements and finishing today. Thank you very much for your patience and fulfillment of all your assignments! This was an excellent completion of the repair, which also pleased with its value!

Vladimir Rudenko


Reliable company, which individually approached the solution of the repair issue in our apartment. For the sake of interest, after the repair they applied with their spouse to one of the companies that provides the same services and requested an estimate for the identical list of works. Let it be insignificant, but we saved and the result of the work made us very happy. Score - 5 on a five-point scale.

Viktor Grigoryev

Thank you for the repair of the apartment

I express my gratitude to the staff of the company "Evroremont". Thanks to cooperation with such professionals, my repair has turned not into a headache and care, but into a kind of game. I was helped to select materials correctly, without trying to impose any additional or expensive expense items, the repair period of a 2-room apartment was 46 days as a result, and 70 contracts were registered in the contract. Without doubt, we signed a second contract for the repair of an apartment for my daughter.


Sergey Kovalkov

Great guys! I really liked the attitude to all my requests - a feeling that everything is possible for them! Often I myself do not know what I want and it can be difficult to do so that I like it. Surprisingly, they succeeded! The experience of the masters is a great thing, they will prompt you how best, they will do it qualitatively. I recommend to everyone. But the main thing is the prices are acceptable.

I had the repair of the bathroom, completely - from the pipes to the tiles and installing the bathroom itself. And also bedroom repair (ceiling painting, wallpaper).

Svetlana Viktorovna
(Kaliningrad, Denisova Street)

We bought an apartment, it is true, the house is not new, we planned only to re-paste the wallpaper, and to update the apartment after the previous tenants. Terms are short, it was necessary to settle quickly. Of course they wanted to do it themselves, but they understood that it would not work out well. Turned to the company Eurorepair. Did everything quickly, and most importantly high-quality. The contract was signed, all on time, and the guarantee was given. And people are really normal, responsible.

Marina and Maxim
(Kaliningrad, Ozernaya street)

Ul. The Minusinsk

Before the New Year, I applied for repairs to this company on the advice of a friend. They did it strictly in time, specified in the contract, as a gift I finished the loggia for free! The cost and quality of the work at the height, photos of my apartment from the guys in the gallery (Minusinskaya Street).

Many thanks!

(Kaliningrad, Minusinskaya street)

Ul. Kuibyshev

Good afternoon! Now we work with the girls, we have already completed the working project with visualizations - the studio in the loft style is mine) Very quickly they work, they know their business, they approved the very first proposed version almost immediately. It's good that I found you. It's a very big plus that I will do the furniture all the way to you, just like in the project. I can not wait to see the result, rather the repair would be over! Thanks to the great designer Marie!



Anastasia Starikova
(Kaliningrad, Kuibyshev Street)